„CENTROVISION“, the conceptual and linking title of his paintings, presents us with a key to the identity of all Mamtani´s art: the vision is centripetal, contemplative, a philosophical and mystical manifestation of the inner man.

Mamtani pursues that characteristic of art which, through balancing the mystical and aesthetic elements, seeks revelation; his aim is less to declare his vision as a painter than to paint his vision as a man.

Mamtani´s leitmotiv continues from painting to painting: out of geometric stillness stares the all-comprehending eye. We are invited to witness, and share in a unifying experience. We gaze upon spiritual landscapes which, like the best in nature, withhold a little of themselves.

To quote an atypical Westerner, Abbot Suger, we rise through the senses to the contemplation of the divine. Art becomes worship, the painting a shrine before which we sense intimacy, and a renewal of our faith in the beautiful and the lasting.

In a diffuse, disengaged society, rent by accelerating change, Mamtani´s benign, glowing tabernacles could not have come upon the western scene at a better time.



170x170 cm acrylic+silver on jute



170x170 cm  acrylic on jute

CENTROVISION 1144  1990 

145x145 cm acrylic on canvas



CENTROVISION 1146  1990 

145x145 cm acrylic on canvas