Born Indus Valley 1935. After the partition of India in 1947, migrated to Delhi. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 1955. Studied Painting at the Delhi School of Art, New Delhi and received the National Diploma in 1962. Awarded DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) to study painting at the Academy of Art, Munich under Prof. Franz Nagel in 1966, since then lives in Munich and Issing.

In India Mahirwan Mamtani belongs to Neo-Tantra Art group initiated by Dr. L.P. Sihare - exhibited with artists: Biren De, G.R. Santosh, Sohan Qadri, Proffula Mohanti, Haridasan, Om Prakash and P.T. Reddy in many Museums in Germany and USA.

In Europe Mahirwan Mamtani belongs to a group of artists THE SPIRITUAL IN ART initiated by Dr. Walter Schönenberger (Lugano/Milano) - Domenico Caneschi, Italy - Pietro Gentili, Italy - Guy Harloff, France - Joerg Anton Schulthess, Switzerland - Nora Ullmann, Israel.